Huaquan Group was established in 2010, based in Weifang and facing the world. Adhering to the corporate mission of "spreading green energy globally", Huaquan Company's industries involve multiple fields such as power generation equipment, new energy storage equipment, high and low voltage complete equipment, and power engineering, and has created three major global brands: "HQ POWER", "HUAQUAN", and "Huaquan". At present, the company has developed into a strong brand in the global power industry, with a cumulative global sales of over 1 million units.
    Huaquan Company attaches great importance to research and innovation, continues to deepen cooperation between industry, academia, and research, and has mastered multiple core technologies in the power industry. As of now, the company has obtained more than 180 national intellectual property certificates, including 14 invention patents, 44 utility models, 27 appearance patents, 43 software copyrights, and 11 integrated circuit layout design rights.

Successful cases

Collaborating with customers worldwide, continuously extending application cases
Engineering Construction
Successful Cases of Engineering Construction Application

     The supporting Huaquan HQ400GF (200kw-500kw) series generator set is applied in large-scale engineering construction projects. This series of units has good flexibility, mobility, waterproof and rainproof, low noise and other characteristics, and is deeply loved by customers when applied in large-scale projects.

Engineering Construction
Successful Cases of Animal Husbandry Application

     The supporting Huaquan HQ250GF (100kw-300kw) series generator set is applied to customers in animal husbandry and breeding. This series of units is equipped with an ATS automatic control cabinet, which can automatically control the start and stop of equipment. The unit operates stably and has won recognition from customers for its performance.

Engineering Construction
Successful Cases of Biogas Environmental Protection Application

     The supporting Huaquan HQ300GF (100kw-500kw) series power generation units are applied in biogas environmental protection projects. biogas power generation has strong adaptability and is basically unaffected by natural conditions. During the power generation process, the dual waste heat recovery device can achieve a comprehensive thermal efficiency of about 80%.

6 Advantages

Huaquan has more than 10 years of fields experience, focusing on quality and service

13 years of fields experience

Individually designed electricity solutions

- Huaquan has been focusing on the power generation equipment industry for more than 13 years, integrating research and development, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service. It is directly supplied by manufacturers and provides worry-free services.

- Engaged in over 100 application industries, customizable according to customer needs.

13 years of fields experience
Focus on efficient production

Ability is evident to all

- Huaquan has a digital production workshop of over 20,000 square meters, and its production strength surpasses that of its peers.

- Over 10 years of rich production experience, with over 1000 power generation equipment categories and over 5000 cooperative customers.

Focus on efficient production
Strong technical team

Focusing on research and innovation

- Focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of intelligent power generation equipment, covering more than 80 application industries such as engineering construction and data centers, and supporting non-standard customization.

- Utilize cloud based remote operation and maintenance technology to achieve device position tracking and automatic capture of operating parameters.

Strong technical team
High precision CNC productio

Excellent products quality

- The entire production process is equipped with automated CNC equipment, which has the characteristics of fast efficiency and high accuracy.

- Using high-quality raw materials to ensure the highest quality of products.

High precision CNC productio
Sound qualifications

Having the ability to undertake large projects

- Obtained quality and environmental management system certification, and is an AAA level credit enterprise.

- Having the qualification for mechanical and electrical installation contracting engineering and a safety production license provides more guarantee for undertaking large-scale projects.

Sound qualifications
Attentive after-sales service

Accurate delivery time and fast response

- The annual output reaches over 5000 sets, with sufficient inventory and strong supply capacity.

- A full-time after-sales engineer who arrives on site within 24 hours to solve problems.

Attentive after-sales service

Sales hotline: +86 15905360672
WeChat customer service: +86 15905360672
Email address: huaquan@huaquanpower.com
Official website: https://www.huaquanpower.com
Production Base: No. 11666 Guting Street, Economic Development Zone, Weifang City, Shandong Province