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Introduction to the functions of water pump set

Time:2023-12-04 11:38:00  Edit:HuaQuan
The main function of the water pump set is to increase the potential energy of the water level, so that it can overcome pipeline resistance and other equipment resistance, and lift the water from low to high.
water pump set

It consists of a water pump set, motor, base, inlet and outlet water pipes, pump shaft, bearing seat, transmission shaft, shaft seal, etc. The water pump is responsible for lifting the water from low to high, the motor provides power, the base and inlet and outlet pipes provide support and connection, the pump shaft and transmission shaft transmit power, and the shaft seal is waterproof to prevent leakage.
water pump set

Pump units can be used in various applications, such as water supply systems, drainage systems, irrigation systems, etc. In the water supply system, the pump unit can lift the water from the low-level source to the high-level water tank or tower to meet the water needs of high-level users.
water pump set

In the drainage system, the pumping unit can lift sewage from low to high levels for discharge into sewage treatment plants or rivers. In irrigation systems, water pump units can extract water from low to high levels to irrigate farmland or lawns.

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