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Huaquan Power participates in the Russia International Electronic and Power Exhi

Time:2024-06-08 08:16:01  Edit:HuaQuan
The 32nd Russia International Electronic and Power Exhibition opened grandly in Moscow on June 4th. The Huaquan Power team brought the company's flagship series of products and made a brand new appearance, showcasing efficient and energy-saving power generation equipment, energy storage equipment, and innovative power solutions to visitors from around the world.
Huaquan Power
Elektro Moscow, Russia is an iconic exhibition of the power electronics industry in Eastern Europe, hosted by the Russian International Exhibition Center (EXCENTR). This exhibition is not only one of the largest professional power electronics exhibitions in Eastern Europe, but also an important exchange platform for the international power electronics industry.
By continuously participating in international exhibitions, Huaquan Power not only showcases its innovative capabilities and product advantages to the world, but also expands its horizons and sales channels through communication and cooperation with colleagues worldwide, providing services to global customers, and establishing a beautiful postcard for Huaquan.

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