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Maintenance content of diesel generator set radiator

Time:2023-12-14 11:40:00  Edit:HuaQuan
The maintenance of diesel generator set radiators mainly includes the following points:
1. Cleaning of diesel generator set radiator: The surface of the radiator needs to be regularly cleaned to prevent dust and debris from accumulating. High pressure air or brushes can be used to clean the dirt and debris on the surface of the radiator during cleaning.
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2. Inspection: Regularly check the connection and fixation of the radiator to ensure its firmness and reliability. At the same time, check the corrosion and damage on the surface of the radiator, and repair or replace it in a timely manner if necessary.
3. Lubrication: The moving parts such as bearings and gears inside the radiator need to be lubricated regularly to reduce wear and friction. Special lubricating oil or grease can be used for lubrication, and the specified lubrication cycle should be followed.
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4. Replacement: If the radiator is severely damaged or aged, it needs to be replaced in a timely manner. When replacing the radiator, it is important to choose a model and specification that matches the original machine to ensure its normal operation.
The maintenance of diesel generator set radiators mainly includes cleaning, inspection, lubrication, and replacement. Regular maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the radiator and extend the service life of the diesel generator set.
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